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Service and Maintenance

The company EGEM s.r.o. performs regular activities and diagnostics within the framework of servicing practiced on distribution plants’ facilities irrespectively of the voltage based on the requirement of a facility operator, or based on principles and recommendations of the manufacturer, respectively.

On basis of the status evaluation or in case of failures, it is able to settle the critical situation without any delay. For this purpose, it closely cooperates with manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts, or carries certain inventory itself in the operational stock.

In case of need to solve replacements of facilities or implementations of more radical actions, it has a dispose of its own essential designing team.

The company is experienced in the sphere of complex services provided comprising nearly all activities related to the operation of substations and transformer stations of power transmission system as well as the regional power distribution.

1) Service and Maintenance of distribution equipment

Main Activities


  • Preventive maintenance including diagnostics of operated EHV/HV, MV and LV electrical equipment according to the customer's requirements
  • Maintenance and service activities with subsequent removal of detected defects
  • Warranty and post-warranty service activities within implemented contracts
  • Post-warranty service in the frame of oficial authorization in order to provide service and maintenance activities of the products and works related to other suppliers and contractors which belong to implemented or operated unit


  • Material and technical costs optimisation
  • Application of our experiences in maintenance and service activities of a variety of power installations
  • Timely application of new standards, legislative changes alterations and relevant regulations

2) Service and Maintenance of power transformers

Main Activities

  • Supplies, service, maintenance and repairs of 6.3 kV - 400 kV power transformers
  • Repairs and re-sealing switchboards, power spacers and driving gears
  • Installation of a cooling system, repairs of coolers and heaters, possibly their replacements
  • Installation and repairs of penetrations
  • Use of the KRAB Hoisting Device
  • Handling with the transformers
  • Power transformer diagnostics, oil diagnostics, oil drying and filtration provided by the VH 120 MICAFIL Filter Plant


  • Economic profitability
  • Device variability
  • Effortless manipulation and locking of the hoisted parts
  • Minimization of idle periods (switching off transformers) caused by the device manipulation and transportation

3) Diagnostics Field


  • Thermovision measuring – a fast, advanced diagnostic method defined for all voltage facility levels to transfer the power, or potentially machinery and buildings enabling to perform a supervision of a large scope of facilities within a short time period.
  • Measuring of circuit breakers by the TM 1800 Programma tester – all-purpose application for circuit breakers especially for EHV, VHV. It monitors and graphically displays contacts’ times, their speed, trajectory, dynamic contact resistance, inductors’ currents, developments of operating voltages and other values.
  • Measuring of mechanical oscillations for transformers – particularly at extensive instruments of the transmission grid, indication of mechanical faults within active parts, bearings’ wear of pumps and ventilators.
  • Transition resistance of current paths, disconnectors’ contacts, circuit breakers et al. at the application of the SS current of as much as 800 A.
  • Measuring of SF6 gas parameters – purity, dew point, decomposition products.
  • Measuring of oil dielectric rigidity – elementary verification of oil quality. Chromatographic analyses are assured by services supplied via professional laboratories.
  • Measuring of leakage currents’ arresters EHV, VHV. It is possible to determine an approximate element lifespan based on the development of the leakage current value.
  • Inspection of facilities’ insulating conditions executed via an insulation tester, or by the application of a high-voltage power supply.
  • Inspections and protections’ regulations executed by means of the following devices such as Sverker and Omicron as well as associated software.
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